Kakakuona Lodge - Lushoto Tanzania

  Whether   approaching   from   the   north,   south   or   west   we were   engrossed   by   its   glaring   beauty   –   right   at   a   distant. As   we   came   closer   we   realized   that   this   might   be   just what we have been looking for, a place to stay. Such   feeling,   such   beauty   and   the   story   that   began   a   year ago   stay   alive   to   date!   We   made-up   our   mind   and   made the   choice   we   are   able   to   invite   you   to   share   with,   the choice you will never regret. Welcome   and   stay   with   us   in   Lushoto,   right   into   the   heart of   Usambara   Mountains.   A   place   where   has   it   all   to   make you   have   good   times   to   celebrate   while   life   lasts,   close deals,    network    and    solicit    business    opportunities    with friends. Found   in   north-eastern   part   of   Tanzania,   East   Africa,   and the    area    tags    along    with    the    so    called    Eastern    Arc Mountains    offering    extensive    natural    resources,    cool climate,   plenty   of   bird   species,   hiking   and   nature   trails, water    falls,    abundant    fresh    fruits    as    well    as    green vegetables. Welcome    to    Kakakuona    Lodge    –    Lushoto    where    our corporate   culture   is   to   meet   customers   at   the   point   of needs.
Welcome Kakakuona Lodge - In the heart of Usambara Mountains Dining facilities Dining facilities Lodge with a selection of rooms
Guests from all walks of life.
Attractive sites for strolls, hiking, etc.